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About Us

Each of our blooms are hand grown and lovingly nurtured with care, without the use of chemicals. We carefully hand harvest each bloom in such a way as to help ensure good, high quality flowers. Our mission is to respectfully create a connection to where your flowers come from, in a historically agricultural area. Located on the northeastern plains of Colorado, in the rolling Sandhills, we are 20 miles north of Wray, Co and 18 miles south of Holyoke. In addition to wholesale, retail, and bridal offerings, we also offer seasonal You-Pick events and CSA subscriptions with free delivery to area codes 80758 and 80734, or pick up in the Wray/Holyoke area. You can find us every Saturday morning, beginning the first week in June to the end of September, at the Cheyenne County Farmers Market in St. Francis, KS. We invite you to browse through our website and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through email or text. You can also message us at     instagram @sandhill_bloomers


                                     Kaci & April

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